Our Story
Ursinus College

Eric and Catherine were varsity athletes in Football and Field Hockey, respectively, and they first met in the training room, a cool haven of recovery before exposing themselves to the harsh conditions of mid-August pre-season camp. What began as brief encounters while stretching a sore muscle or having an ankle taped soon turned to longer conversations in the courtyard of Reimert Hall, the housing complex where they both lived.

Anyone who knows Eric and Catherine will tell you that their personalities are warm and magnetic. Random encounters in the courtyard turned to a planned weekly lunch together in the dining hall. This is when a friendship turned to fondness, and a fondness grew into love. Through slowly becoming better friends, they each discovered in one another the qualities they admired in a partner. In Eric, Catherine found a great sense of humor, an infectious laugh, and a caring heart. Eric came to love Catherine's hardworking character, her smile, and her kindness.

While they owe many of their successes to the education and training they received at Ursinus, nothing can compare to the gift of bringing them to each other. Now, after 1 year of friendship and 6 years of dating they are ready to say "I Do!" They are thrilled to say their vows and begin their voyage as husband and wife, but even more so to share this moment with their friends and family who were there to witness their relationship grow and take shape!

The Wedding

Saturday, September 22, 2018
3:00 PM
Holy Cross Church
30 Ward Ave, Rumson, NJ 07760, USA
Rumson Country Club River House
40 Rumson Road, Rumson, NJ, United States

Cocktail Hour: 6:00pm

Wedding Party

Alison Bitterly - Maid of Honor

Alison was Catherine's first ever friend. Being her older sister, Catherine always looked up to Alison and wanted to be just like her. For example, Alison would come home from the 1st grade boasting her 100% on her spelling tests. Catherine could not wait until the day when she had her first ever spelling test. Unfortunately, spelling didn't come as naturally to Catherine as it did to Alison (ha...). It was no surprise that Alison had gone on to become a lawyer as Catherine pursued a career in finance. She is currently finishing up a clerkship in Miami, and returning to work for a law firm in NYC in the fall--only a path ride away from Catherine and Eric's Jersey City apartment!

Caroline Bitterly - Maid of Honor

Caroline is a very special person in Catherine's life. For, it was her birth that officially made Catherine the middle-child. Along with middle-child-syndrome, Caroline's birth brought Catherine a hilariously entertaining baby sister, and a beautiful best friend. Caroline is Catherine's go-to for advice on just about anything in life (especially clothing, and books to read). As sisters, the two have so much in common, but most notably they both share a passion for helping others and being their authentic selves.

Taylor Snyder - Bridesmaid

Taylor is indirectly responsible for Catherine and Eric meeting. Catherine and Taylor knew each other from growing up together in neighboring towns. She just so happens to be Eric's cousin as well. The first conversation Eric and Catherine had at Ursinus was Eric asking Catherine if she knew his cousin Taylor (of course she did! Everyone knew Taylor Snyder, the girl who pitched with her dad at the YMCA!) Ever since Catherine and Eric got together Taylor has been a great friend to Catherine--they can't wait to be official cousins!

Erin Gaffney - Bridesmaid

Erin and Catherine became friends through playing on the freshman field hockey team in high school. Though Erin went on to help develop the RFH Dance squad while Catherine continued her field hockey career, they continued to be friends and cheer each other on throughout high school. They went on to attend colleges in different states, but never stopped being the closest of friends as they would visit each other at school. Now Erin lives just a five minute walk away from Catherine and Eric in Hoboken where they enjoy exploring the nightlife, attending Covenant House events (an organization where Erin serves on the associate board), watching Giants games in the fall, and going to trivia night together!

Ashley Brunner - Bridesmaid

Aside from Catherine's sisters, Ashley is Catherine's oldest friend in the wedding party. The two have known each other since they did Brownies together in Kindergarten! Over their middle school, high school, and college years they continued to stay close friends. They had a knack for getting into trouble together and driving their mothers crazy! Now they are both hardworking professionals and encourage each other in their respective careers. Not to mention they share a deep passion for wine and delicious cheese!

Taylor Egolf - Bridesmaid

Catherine met Taylor at Ursinus College during Freshman year orientation. Their rooms were conveniently right next to each other in the freshman dorm room basement (also known as the PBG... Paisley Basement Gang) The two were destined to become the best of friends! Taylor played lacrosse at Ursinus while Catherine played field hockey. They would organize social events together continuing a tradition of friendship between the two collegiate sports teams. After college graduation Taylor moved to Philadelphia and is now studying at Villanova University to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse. They have continued to be great friends and love visiting each other in their different cities!

Richard Mannes - Best Man

Richard is Eric's oldest brother. He was there to witness Eric take his first steps. When Eric was younger Richard would take him on car trips to go get candy (they still both love candy). Now Richard lives in VA with Eric's sister-in law Karla and his first and only nephew, baby Mateo!

Cary Mannes - Best Man

As Eric's middle brother, Cary always had the responsibilty of looking after Eric during the summer at the South Orange pool. Eric also managed to sneak into Cary's Little League picture as he was envious of his older brother and his team. Cary went on to serve in the United States Airforce for four years and is now back in NJ, working for the Veterans Administration. Cary has recently become one of Eric's personal training clients and the two enjoy the quality time they spend in the gym together!

Dixon Speaker - Groomsman

Eric met Dixon through Ursinus College football. He was actually one of Catherine's first ever friends at Ursinus too! In fact, he lived only a few doors down from Catherine in their Freshman dorms. Dixon has played a special role in Eric and Catherine's relationship as before the two started dating the three of them would go to weekly lunches together to catch up and talk gossip on campus. He has been such a great friend to both of them through the years of College and beyond.

Greg Kafaf - Groomsman

Greg was the first person who Eric met at Blaire Academy . They met in the parking lot while moving into football camp and have been friends ever since. Eric and Greg could make fun out of any boring activity, and always find a way to laugh together. Greg now lives only a path ride away from Eric and Catherine in NYC!

Chris Decker - Groomsman

Chris and Eric spent countless hot summer days out on the field during football preseason. They both played on the D-line at Ursinus and bonded while suffering playing on the scout team for two years. After College Eric would visit Chris at his apartment in Philadelphia and spend the entire weekend there (including all day Sunday into the night to watch award shows (it's an inside joke?))

Kyle Yeiter - Groomsman

Kyle was Eric's roommate for three years in college. They also met each other through playing football at Ursinus. Kyle and Eric enjoyed fighting over Philadelphia and NY Sports teams. Though they shared different views and allegiances to their cities, they continued to be great friends and roomies 4 lyfe!